3Analyst giving better visibility on mobile & data costs

Soft-ex’s CSP customer, Three provides 3Analyst powered by Soft-ex, to its B2B customers. 3Analyst is an exclusive online reporting and analytics tool for Three’s large business customers, delivering better visibility of mobile, fixed and data costs. It also allows users to see all the devices associated with the company account, and review itemised charges for each. This lets them quickly identify any abnormal spending on their plans. The Observations panel in 3Analyst highlights excessive usage and lets managers see spending overruns in moments. They can also see if the cost was due to inadvertent use of premium services. Managers can also get an automatic monthly report for their team.

Three recently shared a case study on the benefits of 3Analyst to one of their B2B customers, Largo Foods. You can check out the full Largo case study here http://www.three.ie/business/case-studies/largo-foods/


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