How to enhance the Digital Billing Experience

Soft-ex invite you to learn more about Digital Billing Transformation via a new series of webinars.

Join us for the first webinar on Thursday July 20th 2017 at 12noon EST.

In today’s era of Digital Transformation, CSPs need to deliver a dramatically improved omni-channel customer experience. Customers want transparency 24/7 with zero bill shock. Billing communication needs to be completely simplified and customer’s bills easier to access, navigate and understand. Customers also want the ability to self-serve and carry out analytics on their bills, usage and devices across all services. 

This webinar will bring you up to speed on the current trends in Billing Transformation in a digital world and we will also give you a sneak preview of our newly launched UX Electronic Bill Presentment & Analytics solution. Our solutions are used by CSPs such as Telefonica, Three, eir & BT and are proven to deliver significant costs savings in billing and customer care while in parallel enhance the customer experience.

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