Soft-ex showcase our new UX portal for personalised online billing at Global CEM summit.

At the recent CEM Global Telecoms Summit in London, Soft-ex showcased our latest innovative UX portal with Telco CX experts from all the over the world. Soft-ex Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) solutions are proven to deliver a significantly enhanced customer experience and increased online engagement of enterprise and consumer customers.

Our solutions deliver tangible results by consolidating and leveraging existing billing and CRM systems. You don’t need to replace them, we seamlessly integrate with them to deliver that all important touch point of billing communication to your customers. Customers can view and analyse their bills online via our advanced self-serve UX (User Experience) portal 24/7. Billing communication is now completely simplified and customer’s bills have become easier to access, navigate and understand. Soft-ex enables the Communication Service Provider (CSP) to deliver complete visibility of all communication costs and services by consolidating bill reporting for mobile, fixed, data and virtualised hosted PABX via the easy-to-navigate portal. Now customers can simply check usage, costs and drill-down on key trends and analytics anytime, anywhere, via any device or computer. You can even use our platform to deliver notifications and observations based on usage and preferences.

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