Soft-ex is a preferred partner and a key component in many telcos UC strategies, due to our agile and innovative solutions and our flexible support. Soft-ex has a long-standing track-record for delivering Value-Add Services to the Enterprise clients of CSPs around the globe.  The Soft-ex platform is data source agnostic, requiring minimal integration with incumbent systems.  We deliver our applications to fit any business model (on-site, managed service or SaaS) for mobile, fixed, VoIP and data. Our solutions integrate with Cisco HCS, Microsoft Skype for Business, Broadsoft, Mitel, Avaya and many more.

Cost Management:

  • Monitor and control spend on fixed and mobile calls.
  • Allocate costs to departments/cost centres/individuals.
  • Voice Security – discover instances of telephone fraud.

Infrastructure  Management:

  • Network capacity – does capacity match business requirements?
  • Identify under utilised or zero usage extensions.
  • Identify surplus trunks where customers are paying for unused lines.
  • Examine trunk usage/call patterns–do they require extra capacity or can cost savings be achieved?

Performance Management:

  • How many incoming calls remain unanswered?
  • Measure call handling efficiencies of incoming calls.
  • Analyse the volume of calls routed to the operator.