Soft-ex is a preferred partner and a key component in many telcos UC strategies, due to our agile and innovative solutions and our flexible support. Soft-ex has a long-standing track-record for delivering Value-Add Services to the Enterprise clients of CSPs around the globe.  The Soft-ex platform is data source agnostic, requiring minimal integration with incumbent systems.  We deliver our applications to fit any business model (on-site, managed service or SaaS) for mobile, fixed, VoIP and data. Our solutions integrate with Cisco HCS, Microsoft Skype for Business, Broadsoft, Mitel, Avaya and many more.

Performance Reporting

Optimising customer experience is key to any organisation and these RingMaster’s Performance reports measure and show how accessible you are to customers and other callers. The report statistics allow you to set targets for call handling; manage operator staffing levels to match daily traffic patterns; and monitor incoming call response times in customer-facing departments. Reports can be per group such as by Department, Team, Cost Center, or Location. Calls that end up in Voicemail can also be monitored.

Hunt group/Ring group Reporting

RingMaster now delivers visibility on call handling and performance of your Telephony Ring Groups and Hunt Groups. The reports help you to analyse the customer experience of your organisation’s teams, helpdesks, customer services departments, etc.

Mobile Management

The Mobile Usage reporting section gives you comprehensive information on all aspects of mobile communication, including roaming, data usage and premium usage. Drill down is available to show details per Destination, Category, Call or Mobile Phone.  There is also exception reporting for performance/productivity indicators. RingMaster also provides VAT mobile compliance and eliminates any risk of exposure.

Infrastructure Reporting

The Infrastructure reports display results on the utilization of a group of extensions (i.e. a Team, IVR ports, a helpdesk, etc.) over a selected period or Top Occupancy Levels of a group of extensions sorted by peak rating. This module allows the organization to optimse their infrastructure capacities and efficiencies.

Analysis & Reporting

Extensive analysis and reporting on mobiles and desk phones across departments, locations and individuals. RingMaster produces a range of cost reports (including the top 50 most expensive calls and extensions, the most frequently dialled numbers, calls with the longest duration and response times). These can be used to pinpoint high cost areas and identify the possible misuse of telephone services – dramatically reducing your overall telecoms spend. You can also increase accountability by allocating costs directly to departments and extensions.

Call Tagging

Automated call classification identifies business vs personal for both fixed and mobile with the option of manager approval for chargeback. The system remembers personal numbers and enables employees to generate a personal call bill with a single click.  Managers can quickly approve calls or assess which of their employees have not acknowledged personal calls, ‘unpaid’ personal calls, or who their top callers are vis-à-vis productivity.


The advanced filtering mechanism in RingMaster allows for higher level summary pages and also offers the ability to drill right down to ‘My Calls’. The ‘Click and Dial’ option allows you to call back missed calls at the touch of a button. Now you can also convert reports into PDFs and email.

Distributed Architecture

A completely secure SQL database ensures 24/7 access and is scalable right up to the largest of enterprises in multiple locations. RingMaster is available both as a CPE OnSite solution or Hosted.

Key RingMaster UC Reports include:

  • Cisco MOS & Device reporting
  • Microsoft Skype for Business reports
  • User Adoption reports
  • ASR (All Subscribers Report) from CUCM  – reporting on profiles/devices.  
  • Handsets deployed per cluster
  • Handset type deployed
  • Zero Usage reports
  • Gateway Utilisation reports 
  • Extensions Mobility
  • Number of subscribers
  • Codecs in use
  • Active Directory integration.