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Effective Digital Billing for Service Provider Success

Not for the first time, the telecoms industry is in the midst of a period of exciting and fundamental change. The 2020 COVID-19 crisis accelerated digital maturation and due to customers’ increased digital expectations forced a new inflection point. Communication service providers (CSPs) urgently need to help their customers adjust to the New Normal and simultaneously position themselves for the wide-reaching innovations heralded by the rollout of 5G and FTTP.

This Omnisperience paper, which is based on primary research amongst European and North American CSPs, explores how CSPs can transform bills into the core of digital customer communications and thereby:

  • meet customer expectations of a more digital and personalised experience
  • help enterprise customers analyse their spend and ensure it is right-sized for the New Normal – providing a critical financial control point for enterprise ICT
  • minimise their own operational costs by clearly explaining charges and thereby minimising bill-related traffic to contact centres
  • support innovation stimulated by the introduction of 5G, FTTP and Wi-Fi 6
  • support change - making it easier to refresh offers, respond to competition, and meet evolving customer needs
  • sell more to existing customers by using customer insight and data.
Download the Orange Paper here