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Optimizing Digital Billing Communications & UC Analytics

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Our Solutions

At Soft-ex, we assist Digital Service Providers (DSPs) to enhance customer experience, reduce billing and customer care costs with our B2B & B2C interactive billing communications solutions. For UC providers and their enterprise clients, we deliver innovative UC Analytics solutions to optimize infrastructure, performance and costs for collaboration..

Our solutions deliver tangible results by consolidating and leveraging existing billing and UC platforms. Whether you are implementing new systems or replacing them, we seamlessly integrate with everything to deliver that all important touchpoint of interactive billing communication and drill-down analytics to your customers. Users can view and analyze their bills, infrastructure, costs and performance online via our advanced self-serve UX (User Experience) portal 24/7.

We integrate with all billing systems including CSG, Amdocs & Netcracker. For UC Analytics we have integrations with Microsoft Teams, Cisco HCS & WebexCalling, Zoom, Mitel & Avaya to name but a few! We also integrate with SBCs to deliver value-add to enterprises.

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Key Value Proposition

Soft-ex offers a widget driven, design-led Digital Billing & UC Analytics solution to deliver billing insight and granular visibility across all platforms and modalities to optimize infrastructure, performance and costs.

Off the shelf, market proven Digital Billing & Unified Comms solution for CSPs (b2b & b2c), UC Providers (enterprise & public sector)

Device & Inventory Management

Comprehensive Enterprise Analytics & KPIs  

Highly interactive and customizable UX Portal

Personalized Notifications, Observations & Alerting

UC Analytics across all modalities (voice, video, IM, conferencing, IM, file sharing)

Reduced Billing & Customer Care Costs

Optimized Infrastructure, Performance & Costs for UC Collaboration

Reduced Churn & Increased Retention

Improved Online Engagement & Customer Experience

Banner Advertising for Upselling

Integrations with Teams, HCS, WebexCalling, Zoom

Advanced Bill Communications & UC Analytics

We collect data from multiple Billing (CSG, Amdocs, Netcracker etc.) & UC platforms (Microsoft Teams, Cisco HCS/WebexCalling, Zoom, Mitel, Avaya etc.) to present a digital billing portal across all IoT services, whether it’s TV, Internet, Voice or Data & an innovative UC analytics dashboard for voice, video, IM, file sharing, conferencing and gateway utilization

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Recent Posts

These SBCs are Made for Billing Analytics

Soft-ex's Ian Lindsay explains to "UC Today" how SBC data makes for smarter billing

Most of us know SBCs (Session Border Controllers) for their original use: providing companies using VoIP networks with greater control over the media streams across their network. However, the elaborate data provided by the SBC has another important use: improved reporting and richer billing analytics.

“What we are seeing from our partners – British Telecom, KPN and others – is that customers consider the ability to monitor their call flow essential: How does a call come into the organization? How is it handled? Where does it end up?” shares Ian Lindsay, SVP Sales at Soft-ex.  

“And they also expect to be able to do some cost analysis. Even though in UC internal call costs are generally zero – when it comes to breakout calls, people need to understand how they are being tariffed, and be able to tariff them correctly, so they can track any changes in those costs. Not to mention hybrid networks, combining UC Platforms with traditional voice platforms, where you can’t rely solely on UC analytics.“

This is where the SBC comes in.

Added Value from SBC Data: Know Thy Network

“We’ve been engaging with the SBC manufacturers – companies like AudioCodes and Ribbon – and are amazed by the amount of data they provide on the call records going through those SBCs“  

“By taking those analytics and combining them with our UC platform analytics, we are able to provide a much richer picture of a company’s network. You go from just looking at your UC platform in terms of overall performance, infrastructure and costs, to looking at much more granular detail on breakout calls and PSTN traffic as well,” says Lindsay.  

This means that you can determine the quality of both internal and outgoing calls, monitor SIP channels, and get a better understanding of how your remote workers are doing: are they coming through via the PSTN or via the internal network? Are they using their mobiles or making calls through the UC network?  

All of those are critical to monitoring costs and eventually saving money.  

How Does Soft-ex Optimize the Use of SBC Data?

Soft-ex simply looks at the SBC as another adapter – taking the information it provides and using it within the same reports the interactive billing and analytics provider has always been providing to its customers. Effectively, presenting analytics regarding infrastructure, call flow and costs in a self-serve portal.  

“Soft-ex have the ability to report across hybrid platforms and mixed networks. Some of our competitors are not able to do this,“ says Lindsay.

For Soft-ex, their interactive billing and analytics offerings are constantly being innovated to address the dynamic market demands.  

One of Soft-ex’s main USP’s is they do all their development internally.  

“We’re not relying on third-party software – we do everything in–house, and I believe this is one of our main strengths. It gives us agility and flexibility, which is what today’s enterprises require,” Lindsay shares.

“We are in a position to react much faster and much more cost-effectively than most of our competitors. And as the way we now all work and communicate has changed forever – our mission is to continue to constantly innovate and deliver solutions that address these evolving market needs.”


Soft-ex launched in Microsoft Azure & App Marketplace for their innovative UC Analytics & Billing Solution

Soft-ex, a subsidiary of WidePoint Corporation (NYSE American: WYY), a leading provider of Trusted Mobility Management (TM2), announced today that it has been accepted by Microsoft onto their Azure & App Marketplace.


The Microsoft commercial marketplace is a catalog of solutions from global independent software vendor (ISV) partners,  available in more than 100 countries and regions. The Microsoft commercial marketplace has two online stores: Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. Microsoft AppSource contains business solutions and Azure Marketplace contains IT solutions.  The Soft-ex solution is now launched within each marketplace providing Microsoft Teams customers with UC Analytics & Billing solutions to assist them optimise adoption; customer experience; costs and quality of service.


“Our SAAS platform provides centralised visibility and advanced self-serve analytics for Microsoft customers to help them more effectively manage their unified comms infrastructure, performance and costs”, said Ian Sparling, chief executive officer at Soft-ex. “During these challenging times and the new ways in which we all work and communicate, our newly design-led UX portal will help enterprises to improve collaboration and efficiencies via a ‘single pane of glass’ dashboard. We look forward to a successful relationship with Microsoft and to delivering to their global clients solutions that ensure they get the best out of their Teams environment.”


About Soft-ex

Soft-ex, part of the WidePoint Group, is a leading supplier of SAAS based Digital Billing and Analytics solutions that provide unique online data intelligence for Digital Service Providers and their Enterprise & Consumer customers for fixed, mobile and PABX communications. Headquartered in Ireland, we have customers and partners in over 70 countries globally. For more information, visit


About WidePoint
WidePoint Corporation (NYSE American: WYY) is a leading provider of trusted mobility management (TM2) solutions, including telecom management, mobile management, identity management, and digital billing and analytics. For more information, visit


UC Providers and Enterprises Win with Soft-ex

Check out the latest interview with Ian Lindsay, SVP Sales at Soft-ex with UC Today on "Bill visibility and drilldown analytics that increase customer retention, reduce costs and help deal with multi-platform environments".

COVID has driven a massive change in the market, taking place in a very short period of time. Both UC providers and enterprises using UC solutions are still trying to adjust to this transformation, and one of the things requiring renewed attention is the bill.

“The bill has never changed so quickly and so much in its entire life,” notes Ian Lindsay, SVP Sales at Soft-ex.

This change triggers a profound need for intelligent billing tools, which allow a better understanding of what companies are actually paying for. Or in one word: visibility.

The Soft-ex solution is all about that visibility – providing interactive billing and analytics to UC providers and carriers, which in turn use it to present the bill to their customers.

You can read the full article here


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